About Us


Suncity Group was founded in 2007. Since establishment, Suncity Group has been striving to provide the extraordinary VIP entertainment service for our guests. Our footprint has been spreaded across various 6-star hotels and resorts throughout Macau with the rapid growth of our business. Meanwhile, we expanded our foothold to Manila, Seoul, Incheon, Phnom Penh and Da Nang, etc. Adhering to the spirit of “Innovating With Diversity, Striving For Success”, Suncity Group spared no effort to develop high-end entertainment services and products as well as roll out global VIP loyalty program for the selected members to enjoy entertainment, travel, catering services, luxury shopping and motion picture. Today, the scope of our business covers most sectors, especially in the fields of global tourism, concert and event planning, integrated resorts management, exquisite fine dining and luxury fashion. As a Macau born and bred enterprise, Suncity Group is not only devoted to develop the Asian market, but also oriented to expand the global network. In the future, we will surely continue to diversify our VIP entertainment services, attract more exclusive members and make every effort to promote our business in every corner of the world.

CEO's Message

“Wave after wave we face the challenges, we maintain optimum state and continue to excel, striving for a better future.”

Stay Calm and Vigilant – The Key to Success Facing Challenges

As Suncity Group heads towards the 13th anniversary, the Group has grown into Asia's leading entertainment conglomerate. Year 2019 has been a challenging year economically, both locally and globally. Yet under such circumstances, we still manage to thrive. This remarkable feat is only made possible with the strong base we established over these years. In 2019, Suncity Group received numerous corporate awards, such as “Best VIP Service” at "2019 G2E Asia Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner". Also, 2 more Suncity Clubs were crowned “7-Star Service Certification”, plus Sun Food and Beverage Group Limited was honoured the ISO 9001 and HACCP Certification. “Striving for Excellence”, with this goal set in our mind, it is what kept us moving, achieving even higher standards.

Strive for Excellence – Optimizing Personalized Entertainment Experience

As its business continue to grow, Suncity Group unveiled the establishment of “Sun Supreme Club”, a complete renovation of its membership system. The upgrade fully utilized Suncity’s resources to provide clients with more prestigious experiences, as we aim to bring in more potential clients and hence more profit for the Group. The Group’s subsidiary Sun Travel launched its mobile application to provide an all-round travel service, from transportation reservations to personalized itinerary arrangement. What’s more is that Sun Travel will be launching more unique tourism products in the following year, bringing to clients a unique travel experience.

Reach for the Globe – Expanding Suncity Foothold Worldwide

Since its establishment, Suncity Group adhered to its philosophy of “Success and Excellence through Innovation”. Over the past year, we expanded our business foothold in countries like Russia and Philippines, creating a base on which we will enter various market sectors such as hotel and resorts overseas. Among which is the HOIANA in Vietnam. Set to open its doors in 2020, we aim to create the finest entertainment hub in Southeast Asia. In addition, Sun Food and Beverage started to actively expand its presence in the global market, with more expansions planned for the coming year. Combining the local flavours with Sun Food and Beverage’s creation of culinary arts, it aims to create a unique culture and experience of gastronomy. The development enables Suncity Group to further enhance its presence and influence worldwide, turning the Group into the world’s leading entertainment conglomerate.

Returning to the Roots – Dedicated to the Development of Macao

Macao is our home and origin. We will continue to align with national policies such as the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the development of Greater Bay Area, as well as the policy of Macao SAR Government. And for the local community, we shall always allocate our resources in fulfilling our social responsibilities and support community affairs, building a more harmonious society. Suncity Group will also dedicate its effort in supporting the local sports and cultural sector. Last year it marked the sixth consecutive year Suncity Group title-sponsoring “Macau Grand Prix”, bringing more energy to the city, while further improving the Group’s global image. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to every staff member of Suncity Group for your work through these years. The year ahead I’m sure by working together, we can realise our goal, turning to a new page for the legend of Suncity.

Alvin Chau,

Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group