Notice to Public About Fake Websites and Guidelines

It has come to our notice that certain illegal and unauthorized websites were seeking to mislead or defraud members of public posing as Suncity Group exploiting information such as the name, trademark, images and hotline of Suncity Group.

Suncity Group (hereafter referred to as “The Group” or “we”) hereby solemnly declares, the Group has no affiliation with any online gaming and betting site nor have we authorized any website, company or person of any origin to solicit, carry out or promote any form of online gaming and betting activities for and on behalf of the Group.

If any member of the public is doubtful about any gaming or betting websites, and/or has been approached by any suspicious persons or scammed by any such websites or individuals, we urge you to contact your local police immediately. The Group will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may result from any person’s access to and/or use of the above described websites.

Suncity Group will take legal action against any individual and/or entity that infringes on the Group’s corporate identity and/or improperly exploits its names and other intellectual properties.

To protect your rights, please observe below guidelines:

Should you encounter any suspicious website, please contact your local police and report to us via email at [email protected] or Suncity Group 24-Hour Hotline at +853 8891 1000. We will evaluate and take immediate action as appropriate.